Breathtaking Interiors for rooftop apartments In Walthamstow 

Passionately designed, these interiors provide the warmth and comfort of a

home, whilst the modern crisp finishes will continue to excite you.


These lofts in Walthamstow showcase open plan living with soaring ceilings and bespoke lighting, perfect for entertaining, working and creating.


Designed to maximise the potential of the space, every detail of these

apartments has been thoroughly thought over and specified to bring you a

luxurious, modern and most importantly very practical living space.

Whether hosting a dinner party or having a relaxing day in, these apartments

surround you with a secure, adaptable environment. Your own safe haven away from the bustling streets of London!


Featuring bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and joinery, each apartment is unique, but they have all been specified to the highest standard and bring you quality materials that create these stunning interiors.

200205 Q17 Lofts Bedroom.jpg